Wednesday, June 11, 2014


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FITTED MESH LEATHER HEEL BOOTS. Realistic high detailed mesh with HQ textures
100% ORIGINAL iNEDIT MESH ~ You will not find this model outside iNEDIT stores

 ►Included :

• Mesh models (left and right) (copy)
• All in One HUD (copy)
• Alpha layer (copy)
• Shoe shape (mod & copy)

✯All in One✯ HUD system:

• Easy menu for texturing and customize your boots (optional walking sound)
• 18 Leather Textures
• 7 Metal Textures
• Unlimited Colors and Tones for Skin
• Buckles, Sole and Heel Texturizable Individually
• Ultimate script technology, only 1 script per mesh & HUD to avoid lag.

► 18 Boot Leather Color Textures
► 7 Sole Color Textures
► 7 Heel Color Textures
► 7 Heel End Color Textures


iNEDIT™ Mesh Clothing Line! 100% Original Mesh


Fitted Mesh is NOT 100% effective, so, we encourage you to ★ TRY THE DEMO BEFORE PURCHASE★

Mesh models requires SL viewer 3 or other compatible

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