Friday, May 09, 2014

*LIVE TO RIDE* Leather Outfit for Dare Men. 100% Original Mesh

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100% ORIGINAL iNEDIT MESH ~ You will not find this model outside iNEDIT stores

Smart Meshes follows automatically your shape movements.

PERSONALIZE the vest back and chest PATCHES with your own texture... perfect for Club Logos, Flags or any texture you like!!!!

► 9 plain and 9 patched Leather Color Textures for Vest and Pants
► 10 plain and 10 patched Color Textures for tShirt
► Dozens of looks using the customize option

►Included :
• Compete Outfit in 1 Single Mes for a quick wearing
• Individual Apparel: Vest, tShirt, Pants (Fitted and Flat Cuffs)
• Alpha layers
• All in One HUD

✯All in One✯ HUD system:
• Easy menu for texturing, personalize patches and set optional walking sound

• "Customize" menu will allow you to select dozens of looks
• Ultimate script technology, only 1 script per mesh & HUD to avoid lag.


iNEDIT™ Mesh Clothing Line! 100% Original Mesh
Mesh models requires SL viewer 3 or other compatible
Smart Mesh is NOT 100% effective and will not react on pectorals, belly, butt and other avatar sliders, so, we encourage you to ★ TRY THE DEMO BEFORE PURCHASE★