Wednesday, March 12, 2014

*LUCKY 13* Denim Outfit for Dare Men. 100% Original Mesh

iNEDIT Main Store

100% ORIGINAL iNEDIT MESH ~ You will not find this model outside iNEDIT stores

Liquid follows automatically your shape movements.

The pack contains: Vest, Pants & Belt, Bandana, Bracelets, Tank tShirt and Tattoo. All these apparels are supplied with their corresponding alphas.

An “Easy HUD" is included in order to change the complete outfit look

5 Color Denim Textures for Vest and Pants
5 Color Fabric Textures for bandana
4 Leather Colors for Belt and Bracelets
2 Colors for Buckle
25 Predefined Looks with just 1 click

Today rigged meshes are not modifiable in size. There is a project called MESH DEFORMER but is not yet operational.
While we wait, iNEDIT LIQUID MESH uses a technology whereby the mesh rigger will suit most avatars to 90%
This technology is limited. It is important to TRY the DEMO VERSION to verify that the product conforms to your shape.